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Information before shopping

Pre purchase instructions for Flirt Gift buyers:

1: About Flirt Gift Product Prices

All products in our store are sold at real prices and are priced uniformly by the headquarters. No matter how much you purchase, we do not accept any form of bargaining (including postage)

Due to the heavy workload of customer service every day, we will not provide further responses to any comments regarding bargaining. We hope everyone can understand

The store will have periodic promotional activities, please pay more attention to the store announcement

Our membership system has not been established yet, but we will keep detailed records of every customer's consumption in our store. We will give everyone a clear answer after the relevant discount system is introduced

2: Regarding payment methods

To protect the common rights and interests of both shop owners and consumers, all transactions in our store can only be completed through our existing payment platform, and we do not accept private bank transfers or face-to-face transactions

3: Inventory of Flirt Gift products

All products are photographed in physical form, and clothing/props are basically consistent with the photos. However, due to differences in lighting used during shooting and personal monitor differences, the color of the photo may still differ from what you imagine. If you are sensitive to color differences, it is recommended to communicate well with our customer service first. If you are still unable to accept color differences, please place your order with caution.

The buyer shall bear the shipping cost for returns caused by color difference issues. Please take note

Reminder about the product: All products have undergone allergy testing, but due to different skin types,

There is a possibility of allergic reactions. The occurrence of an allergic reaction does not necessarily indicate a quality issue with the product. No returns or exchanges are accepted. Please purchase with caution.

When signing for delivery, please make sure to inspect the goods on the spot and confirm that the quantity is complete and intact before signing for delivery. If there is any incompleteness or damage, you can refuse to accept and contact us in a timely manner. Because once signed for, it means you confirm that the goods are in good condition. If we only inspect and discover problems after signing for it, we will not be held jointly responsible!

5: Regarding the size selection of Flirt Gift products

Most of our products have size charts in the product introduction, which indicate the actual measured size of the product, making it convenient for everyone to choose the size according to their actual situation

For products without size chart, please communicate with customer service immediately to understand the size.

If you find that the size of the product is not suitable after receiving it (due to your own selection issue), we accept a return, but all shipping costs incurred will be borne by you. Considering the high cost of international EMS, we strongly recommend that all customers choose the size carefully when purchasing!

Please kindly indicate the required color and size in the last "message to the seller" section when placing an order for each item, to prevent any errors. Thank you everyone

6: About Flirt Gift Logistics

After you place an order and complete the payment, we will submit the order for you as soon as possible. In principle, it will be accepted and shipped within 3 working days (excluding weekends and Chinese holidays). However, due to differences in order content, inventory status, and high concentration of orders, there may be delays. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The delivery time is about 12 days. With the acceptance period of the previous 3 working days, the goods can generally be received about 15 days after payment

Some customers place a single order for several items, but each item is delivered to a different address. If such a situation occurs, please inform customer service before placing the order to confirm which address you want to send to. If you do not leave a message, we will assume that each item you placed and paid for will be sent to the address you selected. If this results in an incorrect delivery of the item, we will try our best to contact the courier to save it, but we do not assume any responsibility. Please be aware

Important reminder: As customs clearance will verify the recipient's identity information, please make sure to fill in the recipient's real name and address in the receiving information section. If international express delivery cannot be delivered normally due to incorrect receiving information, the customer will be responsible for the actual round-trip international shipping cost. Please be aware!

7: Regarding the modification and addition of Flirt Gift orders

Customer service will finalize the order content and delivery information with you before placing the order. As the order is automatically accepted by the system, any submitted order cannot be changed if an order request has been sent to the manufacturer; If you have not yet applied for a shipment or order, we will try our best to meet everyone's change needs

8: Regarding Flirt Gift tariffs:

According to laws and regulations within China, there may be situations where import tariffs, value-added tax, etc. may be levied. When import tariffs and value-added tax need to be levied, you will bear the actual costs. In case of confiscation or detention of goods at customs, our store will not be held responsible. Payment and delivery fees are non refundable and non exchangeable. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Buyers cannot rely on the imposition of tariffs or the withholding of goods as a basis for complaints. If the buyer is unwilling to take this risk, please do not take it lightly.

Flirt Gift after-sales service and precautions:

1: Regarding email queries

Please log in, everyone After entering the complete email tracking number on the website, you can see the latest shipping status of your order

2: About Flirt Gift reviews

Flirt Gift cherishes every positive review from you and hopes that every person shopping in our store will always be satisfied with the quality of our products and services. We always strive to do our best, but no one is perfect and we cannot guarantee that our work will never go wrong. We hope everyone can understand each other

If you have any questions after receiving the product, please contact our customer service first, and we will do our best to help you solve it

If our mistake leads to an error in your order, we promise to take full responsibility. No matter what happens, we hope that you can communicate and negotiate with us to solve it together. Please do not give an inappropriate evaluation without any communication, as this will only harm each other. Let's keep our good shopping mood until the end. Thank you for your cooperation

The actual level of personal preference cannot be used as a reason for mediocre or negative reviews

3: Regarding returns and exchanges

Regardless of the cause, our store only accepts returns and does not accept exchanges. If you want to change to another color or size, please return the item and place a new order

The return shipping cost is relatively expensive, and international logistics prices are generally around 100-200 per kilogram. Therefore, please choose carefully when purchasing to avoid loss of return shipping cost

If you want to return the item, you must contact customer service within 14 days of its arrival. If the product is returned after 14 days or without contacting customer service, our store will not accept your return. You can only return the product after we receive your contact and acknowledge it.

Return rules: If you return the item due to our reasons, we will bear the return shipping cost. We will refund the payment for your purchase of the product upon receiving the return.

When there is a situation of misdelivery or defective products, which is our fault, we will bear the return shipping cost.

When you are not satisfied with the purchased product and return it, please bear the return shipping cost yourself. We will refund the payment for the goods to you after receiving the return.

Flirt Gift does not accept returns when:.

a. If the product is returned within 14 days after arrival without contacting us.

b. Used products. ※ For products that come into direct contact with the skin, returns are not accepted after use (including trying on).

c. Products that have been opened will not be returned.

d. Products without packaging (bags/boxes) are not eligible for returns.

e. Products that have been repaired or washed by customers will not be returned.

f. Products that are damaged or contaminated with dirt due to customer use (including cosmetics, fragrance, odor, etc.) will not be returned.

g. Products that are damaged or deformed after trying on or trying on will not be returned.

h. Special offer items, no returns.

Flirt Gift return method

a. The "Return Contact Form" (please request it from our customer service personnel) should be sent together with the returned goods to the return address, and please make sure to use postal express delivery EMS or air mail. Our store does not accept returns by shipping or other means. Please consult customer service for a refund address.

b. If the reason for the return is due to our reasons, please temporarily advance the shipping cost. Our store does not accept returns with the recipient's payment method. After settlement, all items will be returned. Please rest assured

c. If the return contact form is not shipped together with the product, the refund process may be delayed.

d. Refunds for product payment and return shipping will be processed using PayPel.

e. After the buyer returns the item, the refund will usually be completed within 10-15 days. Please be patient

Flirt Gift special reminder: If you choose to return the product due to personal reasons, the cost of the return will be borne by yourself. International logistics costs will be very high, and you can consult your local international logistics company. The postage you paid when purchasing our product is actually subsidized by the company, and when you personally send it, it is far more than this price. Therefore, we remind you to be cautious when choosing!

Flirt Gift special reminder:

If the buyer has any questions about the product, please be sure to consult customer service before purchasing. If there is a return due to an error in understanding the product, the return shipping cost will be borne by the buyer