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23 May Mutual Masturbation: What It Is and Tips to Try
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What is mutual masturbation?In mutual masturbation, more than one person masturbates together. (It can also refer to people masturbating each other–giving simultaneous hand jobs, basically.) It’s a safe and intimate form of play that can be done for ..
23 May The G-Spot: What It Is, How to Find It
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So many are curious about the G-spot, the elusive area accessible via the vagina, and would love to learn whether it can enhance their sexual experiences - to note: not all people who are curious about this are women, since not every woman has a vagi..
23 May Body and Soul: Practicing Mindful Masturbation
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What is ‘mindful masturbation’ and what are the benefits?“Mindful masturbation” is the integration of self-pleasure practices and mindfulness techniques. Both involve being present in the moment, focusing on the sensations you’re experiencing, and pe..
23 May Incredible Health Benefits to Masturbation
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At Good Vibes we respect masturbation as a pleasurable, accessible, fundamental aspect of our sexuality. But it can be beneficial in so many other ways too! Let’s dive in and explore, just as we encourage you to do if you choose to masturbate.Why mas..
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